We are Wiltshire’s premier sand and gravel supplier, with a selection of stone and chip products complementing our aggregates range.

Sand Products

We supply a range of different types of sand to meet the needs of a wide range of projects. Our sand products include:

  • Concreting Sand 
  • Building Sand
  • Silica Sand 
  • Red Dry-Screened Sand

Whether your need is for construction sand, decorative sand or specialised sand for sporting applications, we can supply from our own stock or we can source aggregates for you.

Gravel Products

For construction and landscaping, we offer a selection of gravel in various sizes. Our gravel products and aggregates include: 

  • Cotswold path Gravel 
  • 6F1/6F4 Gravel 
  • Pea Gravel 
  • 10mm Gravel 
  • 20mm Gravel 
  • 40mm Gravel 

Typical uses for our products include general fill, path gravel, pipe bedding, drainage medium, concrete, driveways and land drainage.

Stone Products

Our Stone products include:

  • Type 1 
  • 10mm Flint 
  • 20mm Black and White Flint 
  • 40mm Scalps 
  • 40mm Crusher Run Limestone 
  • 6F5 Blue and Brown Limestone 
  • 75mm Clean Limestone 
  • Gabion Stone

Our stone and limestone products are available for use in road and path construction, as a sub-base for general purpose fill, soak-away’s and drainage, earthworks and specialist sports applications such as horse arena and ménage construction.

Recycled Products

Our 6F5 is a recycled aggregate that is made up of crushed hard-core materials including crushed concrete. In general, our 6F5 contains materials that range in size from 75mm down to dust making it perfectly suited for use as bulk fill.

A recycled aggregate such as 6F5 is formed by the processing of inorganic material that has previously been used in construction.