10 Reasons Why You Should Start Composting

Oct 19, 2016

Composting involves using organic resources such as egg shells, shredded newspaper and other recyclable materials to create a naturally rich soil which will help your plants flourish. It is also an environmentally-friendly method of disposing of your daily rubbish - keeping it out of landfills and protecting the environment.

In this post, though, we are going to present is 10 reasons why you should consider composting yourself.


1) Saves Money

Composting is not only good for the environment but also for the pockets as it reduces the need for store-bought products including fertilizers, chemical sprays and bagged manure.


2) It's free

Another reason why composting helps to save money is that it's free! Compost heaps are typically made up of waste, particularly food waste - it really is a great way of turning trash into treasure.


3) It's simple

Composting is quick and easy and you can compost just about anything that has ‘lived’. It requires very little work and maintenance yet the benefits it reaps are everlasting.


4) Climate change

Composting is proven to be an effective way to help fight global warming which is why it is often used in the agriculture industry. Healthy soil helps to remove excess carbon from the air which is then stored in the ground, becoming part of plants that grow out of the soil.


5) Saves energy and space

As compost is frequently made up of food waste, composting helps to decrease levels of pollution as it lessens the energy and space used on unnecessary dumping, which in turn leads to fewer landfills around us.


6) Promotes healthy produce

Compost is a very effective fertilizer which provides your garden with all it needs to grow healthy and wholesome fruit and vegetables. The natural nourishment in compost means you are able to avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers – healthy soil equals healthy produce.


7) Protects nutrients

Nutrients in plants are often compromised due to them being buried alongside metals, toxins, and other harmful substances. A natural compost heap will ensure the soil stays uncontaminated and the produce you’re growing is healthy and fit for consumption.


8) Drought

Compost is highly absorbent which means water seeps into the soil when it rains, holding moisture for the plants when needed. This means plants are able to draw on water even when the weather stays dry.


9) Prevents pests

Studies show that composting is beneficial in preventing pest population and can help to reduce problems such as nematodes and fusarium.


10) Educating

Composting is also a great way to teach children about natural and the cycle of life, it also shows them the importance of recycling and looking after the environment.

10 Reasons why you should start composting