The Basics Of Site Clearance

Jul 31, 2017

A site clearance operation performed by Wiltshire Grab Hire will meet the following high standards: an efficient and timely establishment of the site; the provision of facilities for contractors, visitors and clients; the safeguarding of members of the public and the surrounding environment (where applicable). Ultimately, a successful site clearance will result in an efficacious demolition of the required area to meet the specification and satisfaction of the client.  

Prior to a Site Clearance

Prior to the establishment of works, a surveyor will carry out an assessment of the site to be demolished. Ideally, this will consist of both photographic and written record - and may also include an element of structural analysis. In addition, consideration will be given to disruption of the surrounding area - any public facilities, businesses or other parties affected by the site clearance will be given adequate and comprehensive warning. Landowners will also be informed before the boundaries of the site are established.

The Process of Site Clearance  

Firstly, any materials which are intended for reuse will be extracted from the site and placed in a suitable storage area. Once this material is removed, facilities for the contractors will be established; including but not limited to storage, temporary offices, and safety equipment. Any security fences needed will also be placed at this time. 

Any materials which may be categorised as hazardous to the general public - whether chemical or gaseous in nature - will be kept in secure, clearly marked storage. These storage facilities will be located behind adequate security measures, where applicable. 

Ongoing Site Control

Control of the site will be maintained at all times by Wiltshire Grab Hire. Security measures will be implemented to prevent theft of equipment or materials or vandalism of the site. Regular inspections of the site perimeter and boundaries will also take place, with additional monitoring of security measures. 

Finalising Site Clearance

At the completion of works, the site manager will inform the landowner that the service will be terminated. All temporary fences, office buildings and hygiene facilities will be disassembled promptly. All warning, hazard and safety notices will also be taken down from applicable areas. Any alteration to the environment due to the construction of temporary facilities will also be reinstated. Any public roads, footpaths or by-ways adjacent to the site will be checked for purpose of use and general condition.

Concluding Remarks  

Wiltshire Grab Hire pride themselves on their high standards of professionalism and competence in the field of site clearance. Their business practices are fully compliant with government regulations, and they are proud to claim a regional legacy of satisfied clients and successful clearance.

The Basics Of Site Clearance