The Importance of Professional Site Clearance

Oct 19, 2018

In the past, hiring a business specialising in site clearance was considered an expensive undertaking only reserved for very large construction companies.

Today, however, professional site clearance is more easily accessible so that anyone working on a construction or demolition project can get the benefits of a speedy and efficient clearance process.

Using modern machinery and equipment coupled with highly trained and experienced operators, domestic and commercial clients can employ the service at a considerably low cost.


Site clearance, also known as land clearance, is the removal of all accumulated waste from an area to ensure that it's free from any hazards, obstacles or unsightly mess.

This service is often employed when a worksite needs to be prepared for future development or when a previous development has been pulled down. Whatever the case, the site needs to be cleared of all debris and other materials that are present.

The same company can be contracted for both demolition and site clearance services, which helps to cut down the cost, as well as speed up the process of the actual construction activities.

Alternatively, you could attempt to clear the site yourself, but this is not advisable because you will need specialist heavy machinery, expertise to operate the equipment and the means to legally dispose of the waste.


Before any site clearance activities actually start, the provider should conduct a survey of the site. From this, a report will be produced outlining the materials that need to be removed as well as the process for completing it.

In addition, it should show the work methodology, plans for disposal and recycling of the waste and any potential effects on the environment, endangered species, rare plants and wildlife and how to handle them.

Specific processes and equipment are required to clear everything from brickwork and metal to trees, debris and more. A professional site clearance company will already be aware of these processes and have access to the most suitable equipment.

You can rest assured that all heavy machinery that needs to be used will be operated by fully trained and highly skilled professionals. This will reduce the risk of damage to the site and surrounding area as well as lowering the chance that anyone in or around the site will get injured.


All the waste that's being cleared needs to go somewhere; an important part of any site clearance service is the disposal of any materials that have been removed.

Previously, landfill sites were the preferred destination for all kinds of waste taken from construction sites. Fortunately, the detrimental affects that landfills have on the environment have been widely publicised and most waste carriers now aim to recycle 90% - 100% of materials they collect.

Here at Wiltshire Grab Hire, we are committed to recycling as much of the waste we collect as possible with our own recycling centre which provides screening and crushing for soil and stone products.


Clearing a site effectively and efficiently is a process that requires experience and expertise. Undertaking this task yourself could lead to delays starting the construction project that the site is being cleared for.

You could even experience further delays during construction if you haven't completed the clearing process properly or overlooked something that might have great significance down the line.

To ensure every inch of a site is cleared to enable the next phase of the project, it's always best to hire a professional company. The whole process becomes more streamlined with a reliable timeline for completion.

This is very important because the activity may necessitate the closure of some roads while rendering others impassable. It could even affect the supply of clean water, electricity and proper disposal of waste. Completing the site clearance in the shortest time possible reduces disruption to the local community and keeps costs down.


Proper planning and involvement of professionals in clearing your site will ensure that you are not caught on the wrong side of the law and regulations set by building and safety authorities.

The company you contract should be able to provide advice on the proper disposal of waste and ensure that any legal procedures are followed. They should also have the relevant licences and permits to complete site clearance work including the disposal of waste and hazardous materials.

Fly tipping - dumping waste on the roadside - is a problem that costs businesses and homeowners thousands of pounds a year in fines. Sometimes, the materials that are dumped can be traced back to the original owner who is subsequently fined.

To avoid this, you should employ a reputable company with a valid waste carriers license to ensure that the waste will be taken to a recycling or waste processing centre.

If you discover hazardous material on your site - this could be anything from asbestos and contaminated soils to paints and drums of fuel - a professional site clearance company will remove, transport and dispose of it with complete adherence to legal requirements.

The Importance of Professional Site Clearance

At Wiltshire Grab Hire, we provide modern and efficient vehicles and equipment operated by some of the most highly trained and experienced staff in waste removal and disposal.

Our staff will ensure that your land is ready for construction work by, among other activities, controlling invasive plants and preparing the soil. 

To start your project on the front foot, it is advisable to go for one of the best of companies specialising in site clearing in Wiltshire. Call us on 01793 222 129 for a quote.