Easy Ways to Dispose of Excess Soil

Mar 28, 2022

If you have undertaken a project that required some excavation, you may have too much soil. This soil may be taking up lots of space and could get messy when it gets wet.

Unfortunately, you cannot dump soil and garden waste anywhere. You cannot mix it with office or kitchen waste. It should be disposed of in a location where you are legally allowed and safe.

Here are a few options available to dispose of excess soil:

Grab Hire

The easiest way to get rid of unwanted soil is to hire a company to take the dirt away. The grab hire company comes with special lorries and earthmovers with a scooping arm to remove all the soil from your location.

Go for a firm with an operating licence and a reputation for quality waste removal services. You don't have to hire separate cleaning services once a professional grab hire has cleared the location.

Muck Away

If the waste includes rubbish, rubble and soil, you need to hire a company that does muck away services. Like grab hire services, this firm comes with lorries and clearing equipment to clear the site for use. The method the service provider uses to get rid of excess soil and waste depends on whether it is hazardous. It may also recycle waste that can be reused.

Sell the Topsoil

If you have just scraped the top layers of the soil, you can sell it to people who wish to do some gardening work. You can advertise the product and wait for people to purchase it. However, it may take some time before you get a buyer or enough buyers to remove all the soil. Therefore, the option is only good if you are not in a hurry to use the space occupied by the soil.

Waste Recycling

You may reuse some soil or construction waste on the site or by third parties. For example, you may use excavated red soil to fill construction sites or roads. It can also be used to fill depressions and valleys for construction work.

Check if there is a location where you may need to use the unwanted soil or if there is anyone interested in recycling the waste. Waste recycling is the best option as the waste materials do not end up in a landfill. It is also cheaper than conventional waste disposal.


Do you have excess soil that you need to dispose of? Contact WGH Group for quick and safe removal and disposal. It has the equipment and knowledgeable staff to clear the site and choose the best way to dispose of unwanted soil.


What to do with excess soil