What Is Grab Hire?

Oct 10, 2020

What Is Grab Hire?

Suited to moving large amounts of construction and building waste, Grab Hire is a great way for business to deal with the waste associated with construction in a quick, convenient and environmentally friendly way (see our recycling services).

When you choose Grab Hire for your muck away needs, our Grab lorries will arrive at an agreed time and using the onboard arm and bucket, fill the lorry directly from site without the need for skips or special storage. It is that easy and straight forward in fact, that our drivers are typically on their way within 30 minutes.

What Is Grab Hire

How much waste can Grab lorries carry?

Another huge advantage of choosing Grab hire from WGH is that our lorries can take over two skips worth of construction waste, topsoil, rubble or rubbish. You don’t need space set aside for the awkward skip lorry to manoeuvre in and out and you can just pile your rubbish in a corner until we arrive.

Where do you take our waste?

At Wiltshire Grab hire, we run our own recycling plant and aim to recycle the bulk of all the muck we take away. We turn this into a variety of products, typically varying grades of topsoil, to avoid the use of landfill. This massively reduces the impact of your and our business on the environment and of course is much more beneficial to our business as we repurpose waste instead of paying to dump it.

Double savings with topsoil delivery!

Grab hire from us has another benefit! We supply topsoils and aggregates and can do so in the same journey! If you need any building sand, gravel or stone or topsoils, plan ahead and we will deliver to you and muck away at the same time. This is efficient, cost-effective and once again reduces our impacts on the environment.

For a quote or if you just have a question about grab hire, we would love to hear from you. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get back you as soon as possible (usually same day).