Why Choose Grab Hire For Site Clearance

Sep 03, 2018

When you need to clear a construction site, there are two options: skip hire or grab hire. While skips are available in a range of sizes from mini skips with a volume of 2-3 cubic yards all the way up to roll-on-roll-off versions which can accommodate between 20 and 40 cubic yards, the best option for any significant amount of site clearance is to employ the services of a grab hire company. 


Grab hire uses a lorry with attached hydraulic grabber to move rubble, waste and rubbish directly from site into the lorry for immediate transport. This option is ideal when you have a large volume of waste or for when the placement and filling of a skip is unsuitable for the project. 


What you need to know about hiring a grab lorry for site clearance


When needing to clear a building site, a grab lorry is more efficient than a skip in terms of the time it takes, the amount it costs, the volume it can carry and the level of disruption it causes. Grab lorries are designed to pick up and clear away large volumes of heavy waste very quickly and efficiently (if site waste is collected in an easy to access area, our drivers aim to fill a lorry within 30 minutes.

More Volume, Less Time

Typically, a grab lorry will be able to deal with around twice the volume of waste that can be put into a regular skip. In fact, 8-wheeled grab lorries can carry the equivalent of three skip loads which saves you the time of having to organise the delivery and collection of three separate skip loads.

Not to mention the amount of time it would take to fill three skips. Why spend time manually hauling waste with a wheelbarrow and shovel for the whole day when a hydraulic grab arm could do the same job in a fraction of the time?

When you use a skip for site clearance, you have to organise for it to be delivered and collected at different times. Grab hire is much quicker to organise - for example, Wiltshire Grab Hire can collect your waste within 24 hours of your enquiry.


Grab lorries can deal with everything from loose soil and wet garden muck to large lumps of concrete and green garden waste. It can even handle everyday domestic waste if you're not a commercial customer.

All you have to do is organise the waste into a pile so that it can be collected loose or put it into skip bags which can be lifted into the load area.

If you're completing a big job that requires aggregates as well, as a supplier of top soil and aggregates, many recycled, we can deliver and deposit the aggregates to the correct area of the site and then gather the waste for disposal in one convenient visit.


Unlike a skip - which is a permanent fixture on site - a grab lorry is compact and agile enough to be able to quickly enter the site, clear the waste and leave, minimising the disruption to your working day.

Similarly, it doesn't need a permit to be parked on the road and is able to clear away waste from inaccessible areas thanks to the extended reach of the hydraulic arm. 

What you need to know about hiring a grab lorry for site clearance

Here at Wiltshire Grab Hire, we have a wide range of grab lorries and trucks that are operated by highly experienced and trained waste disposal experts to complete professional site clearance jobs. 

For further information about our grab hire service, give us a call today on 01793 222 129 or contact us via the website.